Lebenshilfe voluntary service year (FSJ): Everyone benefits – but you more than anyone

Voluntary work with people with disabilities

“Out of school and straight into practical experience and then life.” Along with our local Lebenshilfe organisations, we give you the opportunity to try out, come to grips with and acquire experience of what is involved in this kind of work for your future by undertaking a practical placement in children’s day care facilities, schools, accommodation facilities and workshops for people with disabilities and associated training.

Voluntary doesn’t mean for nothing

In addition to pocket money, during your voluntary social year you will not only gain insight into social work with children and adults, but you will also learn to put yourself in the shoes of people with disabilities and work in teams. You will earn recognition from the people you work with and will make a considerable contribution to an inclusive society in which it is normal to be different.

FSJ – opening the door to the world of work

If you’re planning to study, train in social work of some kind or just want to put the finishing touches to your specialist school-leaving certificate, then the voluntary service year (FSJ) is just right for you. You can improve your likelihood of a successful application by being equipped with a reference or a certificate of practical experience or by taking a gap semester. The feedback from training companies and universities confirms that helping others and gaining practical experience through an FSJ often opens the door to a place on a training course or at a college or university.

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“Doing the FSJ has been a great experience for me because working with children is fun and very varied. I really like getting to know about different areas and being involved in the work."


“After leaving school I didn’t know what I wanted to do and so decided to do the FSJ. It’s a decision that I’ll probably never regret. By the end of the year you’ll know whether the social sector is right for you.”


“I was welcomed by my colleagues in the children’s day care centre of the Wetzlar Lebenshilfe and the children really took to me. I would definitely do it again because the FSJ gives you valuable experience that helps you decide what to do next.”


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