Deine Begleitung im FSJ

Support during your FSJ: learning something that school never teaches you

The voluntary social year is a year of learning. But you are learning something that school never teaches you. As well as gaining experience from your practical work, during our educational activities we give you work the possibility to reflect on your practical experiences, and in doing so increase your skills and competences. We want to use our experience to support you so that after your year you feel that you are well and truly equipped for life!

Traditional lessons are a thing of the past: just get involved

The core of our training is 25 statutory training days. These are run and designed by experienced youth training consultants, and generally take place in blocks throughout the year. A seminar group consists of around 20 volunteers. In our seminars in Wetzlar, Gießen and the surrounding areas, we discuss topics that are relevant to what we do, we talk about your practical experiences and go on interesting trips. Again and again communication, self-awareness and collaboration are strengthened from experience-based teaching elements. There won’t be an opportunity for you sit back and take it easy during our training; we want you to include your interests and abilities in the design of our seminars.

Ensuring you remain satisfied

In addition to our training days we are there for you during your placement. During your entire year you will be continually and individually supervised and supported by two youth training specialists from Lebenshilfe Landesverband Hessen e.V. and by a specialist from your workplace. The youth training consultants visit you on site and can respond to any questions or issues you may have. Your placement supervisor will help you settle in and will have regular discussions with you. We all want you to be satisfied with every aspect of your voluntary service year.