Placement options

A wide variety of placement options

During your year of voluntary social service with Lebenshilfe Hessen you will make a considerable contribution to people with disabilities gaining access in all areas of society. You will be helping make inclusion and securing human rights a reality.

Lebenshilfe associations in Hesse offer you a wide variety of interesting activities. Decide for yourself what seems right for you. There are placement options in the following areas:

Accommodation for people with disabilities

In the area of accommodation it is your role to support people with disabilities to live in an independent and self-determined way, assisting them in their day-to-day life in their living arrangements and leisure activities.

Workshops and activity centres

In the realm of access to working life there are two areas when you can be assigned: workshops and activity centres. In workshops it is your role to support working people with disabilities so that they can access working life. In the activity centres you give assistance to people who need a higher level of support in practical areas and in their care.

Inclusive children’s day care centres

In the area of day care centres you support the day-to-day life of a group in a children’s day care centre. You look after and encourage children both with and without disabilities aged up to seven and make it possible for them to participate in group activities.

Inclusive schools

In the area of inclusive schools you support students with and without disabilities in their day-to-day life at school and after school and get actively involved in group and leisure activities.

We would be happy to advise you on finding an interesting placement close you where you live.