Collaboration and cooperation

Lebenshilfe Marburg - Standpunkte

State working group (LAG) of workshop representatives: working for cooperation and participation in sheltered workshops

There are many barriers that make it harder for people with disabilities to represent their own interests, have their voices heard and develop their own ideas. To ensure that the concerns of sheltered workshop colleagues throughout the region are heard, by common agreement we provide assistance to workshop representatives in Hesse.

In particular we assist workshop representatives in Hesse with:

  • organising the work of the managing committee and general meetings
  • moderating the drafting of the content of position statements and opinions
  • devising conceptual, strategic and content-related work during off-site meetings and events
  • further developing the special representation of interests through greater participation in processes around social policy and in the administration of the association.

It is important for us to know what workshop representatives think

Our cooperative arrangements with workshop representatives in Hesse is of great benefit to the Landesverband Lebenshilfe. Our intensive collaboration allows the desires, experiences and interests of sheltered workshop employees in Hesse, in line with the Lebenshilfe motto “Nothing about us without us!”, to feed directly into our association and consequently provide the foundation for our lobbying activities and policy documents on “Access to Working Life” and for the training of self-advocates. More information on the work of workshop representatives in Hesse and on our cooperation can be obtained from LAG’s Chairperson, Lothar Emmerich, or from our Cooperation Manager Wolfgang Kopyczinski.