Vocational training

Lebenshilfe Marburg - Fachschule

Our part-time training allows training processes to be inclusive

Our part-time three-year course and subsequent professional placement prepares you for a career that combines in-depth educational and psychological knowledge and concrete practical experience. For 2.5 days a week during the course our instructors, who have many years' experience in different areas of social work, prepare you for the demands of Hesse’s training and education plan and inclusive pedagogy, comprising the latest knowledge, theories and competencies for a career in practice. The course content ranges from social and cultural aspects, educational and psychological contents, all the way to the media used in social pedagogy.

Depending on your personal interests and requirements, you have the option of working on a long-term basis in child and youth welfare and providing assistance to people with disabilities on your lesson-free days. This enables you to expand your own range of experience and reduce the length of your training under certain conditions. We are happy to assist you in your search for a practical placement.

During the three-year part-time course we offer the opportunity to take an additional maths module to obtain the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

At the end of the technical and theoretical training, there is a practical placement during which you work in a social education establishment, supervised by us in lessons and given practical support in the establishments. The training begins after the Hesse summer holidays each year. If you meet the individual requirements, advancement is possible through the employment agency. Our training is certified in accordance with the German ordinance regulating accreditation and approval within the employment promotion programme (AZAV).

An environment that makes you want to learn

The structure of our part-time course allows you a highly individual and flexible link between your own situation in life and course requirements. We consider ourselves to be a provider of adult education. We use group work, moderated discussions, research, periods of self-learning, presentations and project work. We place an emphasis on your cooperation for the course to be successful. Our premises in Hochheim offer excellent opportunities for this. In addition to our teaching rooms there are small group rooms, moderation materials, PC workstations and a library.

Acquiring your first specialist qualification

Lebenshilfe Hessen has special skills in supporting people with disabilities. We have been working for inclusion in Germany for 50 years. You can benefit from this experience. During the part-time course you will gain professional experience of working with people with disabilities and acquire skills for teaching and looking after children and adults with disabilities. We confirm that you have acquired these skills with our basic certificate “Specialist in inclusive pedagogy from the Lebenshilfe Hessen”.