The profession

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Social pedagogy - a meaningful career with prospects: state-certified educators

The education profession is one of the most sought-after careers in Germany, but it should not just be the good job prospects that motivate your interest in training to be an educator. Above all it is the importance of this responsible occupation in society, the variety of the specific activities involved and the many opportunities for working in various areas of child, youth and disability assistance that make the career of educator so appealing. Every day you will see the progress they make in learning and receive positive feedback from children, young people and their parents.

Being socially responsible

As a state-certified educator and educational specialist you are being socially responsible. In establishments that offer assistance to children and young people, for example in children’s day care centres, institutions for the under threes or accommodation for young people, you develop, look after and educate children and young people and consequently lay the foundations for the rest of their lives. In establishments offering assistance to people with disabilities, you make an important contribution to people with disabilities gaining full access and to an inclusive society.

For these demanding activities, you will need broad specialist knowledge and comprehensive methodological skills in pedagogy, law, psychology and health and the ability to reflect on your own skills at work.