The profession

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Curative education care - a career with prospects

The curative education profession is a relatively new one, but full of variety and opportunities. The wide range of activities involved is geared towards social pedagogy, care and the local community. Curative education carers work with children and adults, with individuals and with groups, in a team or alone, with outpatients and inpatients. At the centre of curative education activities are tasks around the support and empowerment of people with mental, psychological or physical disabilities. Whether supporting adults in the areas of living, work and leisure or in offering encouragement and advice to children and young people in preschools and schools, curative education care is the right career to support people with disabilities and turn inclusion into a reality.

Experts in self-determination and access

Providing integrated support to people with disabilities is the central task of curative education care and is based on esteem, a high degree of professionalism and continual (self-)reflection. Curative education carers smooth the path to self-determination and access. Feedback from trained specialists reinforces the fact that a person-centred perspective always lies at the heart of what they do. Supporting people with disabilities to live in a self-determined way is both rewarding and challenging, even after several years in the profession.